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Jane Miller: Newsletter

Boats Downloads Now! - March 30, 2018

Hey, everyone, the new CD "Boats" is now available to download from our friends at CDBaby! Here's the link:

Go to your nearest rooftop and help me shout it! If you already ordered a download card, that will come in the mail in another week or two. CDs will be available on April 5.

Happy Boats download day!

New Song Link - March 4, 2018

"Gamsahamnida" free audio preview from "Boats"

Hi Friends,
I'm excited about new mixes for our "Boats" recording. Working with Tom Eaton has been amazing and rewarding. Here is a link to a mix we finished on Thursday. Please feel free to share!

Thanks so much for the support. Photos and videos coming soon to document the making of "Boats." We are still on track to get packages sent to you in early April if you've pre-ordered CDs or Downloads.
We hope you'll enjoy this free preview of my song "Gamsahamnida." That is, fittingly, "Thank you" in Korean.

Please share widely and help us meet the expenses that have incurred and are yet to come in order to finish the work by pre-ordering the recording here:

Thank you all and Gamsahamnida!

new recording update - January 13, 2018

Hi Friends!

My new recording, called "Boats," will be released in February, 2018. It has been a fulfilling time putting this one together. Recording began on August 31, 2017, and mixing is continuing now through January 20, or thereabouts.

I played electric and acoustic guitars, Tim Ray played piano, Lincoln Goines played bass and Mark Walker played drums and percussion. Our guests have been Eugene Friesen-cello, Sarah Bauhan-flute and whistle, and Sonia Rutstein, Kim Harris, Reggie Harris, Janie Barnett, and Larry Watson on vocals. Engineering is Tarik Mahrour, assistant engineer and editing by Bobby Danzi.

Here is a link to a quick snippet of each of the 14 (!) tracks in the form of a 3 minute compilation:

I'll have a lot more to say about the work that everyone has done to bring this music to life. For now, I say best wishes to you all for a very happy and healthy new year.

recording! - July 4, 2017

I've finished 14 demos of some new and old compositions. I've begun the task of writing the charts in Finale notation. The band that I have in place for a studio recording is a dream team; I'm afraid to talk about it too much in case it's not real. But I am very excited to record again in late August 2017. The core group is a quartet: guitar, piano, bass, drums. There will be three guest vocalists, a cellist, and a traditional Celtic flutist.

The recording is called "Boats." The oldest composition of mine, if I am remembering correctly, is from 1992. There are three from 2003, one from 2011, and maybe one other from the early '90s, I don't really know. The rest, more importantly to my mind, are from December 2016 to the present. I had a growth spurt in writing when a piano moved into my living space.

The mix of old and new was not intentional. In fact, I tend to have an aversion to older material in general, preferring instead to look ahead or at least stay present if not futuristic. But this album of material called "Boats" has been on my mind since I took a boat ride from Ogunquit, Maine in 2003, and it has never really left my system. It was a little tour boat jaunt that I've taken many times, sliding out of Perkins Cove and down to York, back up to the Ogunquit main beach, and back to the cove. The boat wrote the song for me, if you'll pardon the corny esoteric notion. Maybe it was the waves. Maybe it was the collection of people in the boat, unaware that something was grabbing hold of me, not exactly being tuned out by me, but not exactly being part of my ride either. Or maybe they were the biggest part of my ride. I don't know where it came from, but the phrase "The American Wave" kept singing in my head in a loop. The chords changed below the melody, and I tinkered with them some more when I got back to shore, but the melodic phrase was relentless and fun. Later that summer from the comfort of home, I wrote the song "Boats," which crosses musical boundaries like an ocean that doesn't know what country it's in. So there were two songs with an emerging theme.

New songs have taken on names from recent travels, like "La Boca," "Puente de la Mujer," "Caminito," and "Gamsahamnida." There are Latin grooves, jazz waltzes, ballads, and music that I don't know how to describe. It is instrumental, except for "The American Wave," which will feature three vocalists.

This is just the beginning of describing this work, which has been a long time in the making. Tim Ray-piano, Lincoln Goines-bass, and Mark Walker-drums will be joining me in the studio. Some songs will feature electric guitar, some acoustic, some nylon string, some all of those guitars. More on the guests later, but Sonia Rutstein, Reggie Harris, Euguene Freisen, Sarah Bauhan...

Also, as if I can concentrate on much else, there are a couple of fun gigs in MA coming up fast this summer: Cercie Miller Quartet on Cape Cod (I'll be playing guitar in the group) on July 12, and Melissa Ferrick at the Bull Run July 8 (I'll be opening the show on solo guitar). Click on over to my calendar page for details!

Late Summer trip - August 14, 2016

Well, it all started when Eric Skye and I said we should do some playing together because it's fun. It turns out, we both meant it enough to make it happen! Eric and his family are opening their house to me (and you, if you want to go!) for a house concert on August 27, 2016. I'll do some solo tunes, we'll play together, and I'll bet i can get Eric to play solo a bit, too. I'm so grateful to the Skye family and Eric for this wonderful and generous opportunity.

I figured, while I was in the area, I'd like to visit Seattle, so I'm stopping in the jam session on August 25 at El Norte Lounge, 7pm.

I also thought maybe I should visit the bay area again while I'm almost nearby but not quite. So I'm playing at a house concert in San Francisco on August 28. More info on these to follow. Thanks to the fabulous T Lin for setting this one up for me.

Amazon Comments and Thank you! - October 13, 2015

Thanks to so many of you for buying my book "Introduction To Jazz Guitar." I keeping hearing from people who have found it useful and that makes me feel good! Here's a link to add a comment at Amazon if you feel so inclined. Janis Ian did, and that makes me feel good, too!

Amazon Comments - August 7, 2015

We'd love to get your comments on Amazon if you've read Introduction To Jazz Guitar and have been using it in your practice or teaching. Here's a link to add your thoughts if you'd be so kind:

Master Class at Act III - July 11, 2015

If you've been curious to check out my new book, Introduction to Jazz Guitar,


there's an excellent chance to do that with me in the form of a Master Class on Sunday July 26, 1-3pm at Act III in Littleton, MA. Mike Kelly will be joining me to help demonstrate some of the ideas in a chapter or two. It'll be an informal setting, and there will be plenty of time for your questions or music to play. The material is especially helpful for guitarists in styles other than jazz, like singer-songwriters looking to improve their skills. You don't have to be a guitarist to come join in the discussion, which will be relevant to anyone in a band or to a listener looking for a new appreciation of the music. Act III is a beautiful setting for this, and we hope you'll take this opportunity to visit. The $35.00 ticket includes the book and the workshop. If you already have the book, bring it and get in for $15.00. Reservations appreciated.

We're hoping to see you then.

Berklee Press interview - June 25, 2015

Here's a link to a fun interview I did with Jonathan Feist, Editor-in-Chief at Berklee Press. Enjoy!

sound cloud fun - June 16, 2015

I've posted a few new things to Sound Cloud lately. Here's something some of you might enjoy. I strung together short clips of selections from my group's CDs.

Feel free to add comments on the page, or email me here.

Speaking of comments, if any of you feel like writing a review of my book on Amazon, please go ahead and do that.


Introduction To Jazz Guitar - May 15, 2015

Hi Friends!

My book is now out and available! See it, read about it, and buy it here:

If you'd like to see it in your favorite bookstore, please ask for it there, or let me know (if you're shy). I'd like to see it all over the planet, personally. I share my house with books and love to browse through them in person. But I am also quite happy to say that you can easily order my book from Berklee Press (above), Hal Leonard, Amazon, and wherever else you might buy your books online.

I'm humbled and grateful for all of the support as the book takes on its own life with all of my students, listeners, and readers. My hope is that it is an entertaining read, even if you skip the exercises! But don't skip the exercises.

I now have an author page on amazon:

If you would like to write a review on Amazon or any other site where you find the book, I would be honored if you take the time to do that. If you are a teacher and would like to recommend this book to your students, drop me a note. If you just want to drop me a note, drop me a note.

Sincere thanks and best wishes,


preorder my book now! - April 7, 2015

Hi Friends,

It's here! Well, the book is not actually quite here yet, but the opportunity to pre-order it from amazon is here now! Release date is April 29, 2015.

Details here at Amazon:

Thanks, everyone.


My Book: A Sneak Peek - March 20, 2015

Hi Friends,

My book, Introduction to Jazz Guitar, will be out very soon. It's published by Berklee Press, distributed by Hal Leonard, and will be available wherever you like to buy your music books! Please let me know if there is somewhere you would like to see the book in stock. FAQ: Will it be on Amazon? Yes. Does it contain tab as well as notation? Yes. Did you have a nice winter up in Boston? No.

Stay in touch, friends, and do let me know if you have more questions or ideas!

Thanks and best wishes,


Happy Spring - April 8, 2014

Hi Friends,

Here in New England, we have had to earn warm weather this year. We are now beginning to see and feel signs of Spring and so there is hope. 

I want to let you all know about a show coming up at the Bull Run in Shirley, MA. On April 13, it's An Evening With Larry Carlton.

He is one of a very small list of guitar players who is instantly recognizable. I attended his show a couple of years ago in Natick, MA and it was a powerful experience. His music is fun, energized, relaxed, moving. All of that. His trio was wonderful, rocking some jazz, jazzing some blues (impeccable lines from Larry that I'll never forget), and in general having a great time making authentic music right there before our eyes. I've been a fan of Larry Carlton's playing on recordings for many years, including my formative years as a composer listening to Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell recordings, among others. Catching his trio live is spellbinding. 

I am happy to be opening the show on April 13 with a solo guitar set. It's an honor to play my music for Larry's audience in a beautiful place. Happy Spring, indeed. 

Season's Greetings - December 8, 2013

Hi Friends,

Season's Greetings! My dog, Betty, and I are sitting in front of our glowing pellet stove as it whirs along. We are surrounded by windows through which we watch the seasons change. There's fresh snow out there now; beautiful now, not so much in March and April. The beaver pond, the brook, the lake across the path all bring us peace joy and fun. It seems a good time to consider the year that has passed. 

The early part of 2013 was spent recording my solo guitar CD. I had a blast at the NAMM Show in Anaheim in January. 

"Three Sides To A Story" was released in July. I played a show at the Bull Run soon afterwards. Scott Yanow's book The Great Jazz Guitarists: A Complete Guide came out in June and included a feature on me. Scott also wrote a sweet review for the LA Jazz Scene, as did Gayla Drake for Premier Guitar. 

I played a very fun show in August at the Provincetown Jazz Festival with my dear friends Cercie Miller and David Clark. 

The Red Sox won the ALDS, The ALCS, and The World Series!

I remembered that my group's first CD, "Postcard," was released 20 years ago in November 1993. We played a show at the Acton Jazz Cafe to celebrate. 

I'm working on two books and a number of magazine contributions. I've been teaching. A lot. 

Thank you all for your support and for listening to my music. If you're looking for special gifts for someone (or for yourself; that's important, too!) please visit my store here on this website. We have CDs, Shirts in many styles and colors beautifully designed by Emily Joy Ashman, and caps. It's fun stuff, top quality, and it's another way of supporting independent artists. 

Wishing you peace, love, and joy.


Celebrate with us in Acton - November 12, 2013


Twenty years ago this month, I picked up boxes of my group's first CD, "Postcard." We had recorded it over the summer of 1993 at Ken LaRoche's studio in Peterborough, NH. This Summer, 2013, I released my first solo CD, "Three Sides To A Story." Let's celebrate!
On Friday November 22, my group will be at the Acton Jazz Cafe playing just about every song from "Postcard," and probably a few others from our other two CDs. I'll be opening the show doing a solo set of music from "Three Sides To a Story." Reservations are encouraged. Here's the link: 
 I'll be thinking of my friend Ken, who engineered and co-produced Postcard with me. We had such a fun, silly, serious, and creative time working on Postcard. Ken booked one of my very first gigs, and I knew he was the right guy to call upon for my first recording. I especially remember percussion days, when we would really soar. We started hitting anything that made a cool sound; when I started tapping on his flute case with a drum stick, I had crossed the line of acceptability. I didn't know that's what it was, honest. And really, we giggled like crazy about it. I am counting on Ken's spirit to be in attendance in Acton as I will also be celebrating his life with wonderful memories.
The group is in fine form, and I am still grateful for the gift of their musical contributions and respect for the music. Don Kirby, Bob Simonelli, and Tim Ray: thank you my friends. Our guests who joined us in the studio were a dream team: Cercie Miller, Patty Larkin, Mili Bermejo, and Mick Goodrick, thank you all so much for just the right touches.
Our friend Joey Mazarella will be taking over the piano chair with us in Acton. We're in good hands. Please join us and say hello as we look back and ahead. 



Announcing lessons, private coaching, ensemble coaching, musical retreats! - November 2, 2013

Musical Retreats: Guitar lessons and ensemble coaching

With Jane Miller

Enjoy a retreat in the country in beautiful New England and immerse yourself in practicing and studying music with Jane Miller. Four season beauty on a lake in Central Massachusetts, tucked away for peaceful concentration. De-stress, get positive encouragement, personalized focused learning. Or bring friends, bring your band, get experience playing with others, improve your band’s skills: arrangements, rehearsals, efficiency, sound. Piano and amps provided. Welcome all guitarists, or mix in bass, piano, mandolin, other stringed instruments, horns, bring your existing band or start a new one. 

 Go to the Store page here for details on these options:

1 hour private lesson

4 hour private session

1 hour 2, 3, or 4 people

4 hour session (one day only) 2, 3, or 4 people 

Weekend specials:

4 hours Private session each day, Saturday and Sunday (8 hours total)

4 hours 2, 3, or 4 people each day, Saturday and Sunday (8 hours total)  

1 hour Lessons are scheduled for mutually available days and times.

4 hour sessions are scheduled on available Saturdays and/or Sundays from 10am-2pm, or 12-4pm.

Thanks to the innkeepers at these beautiful places to stay nearby. Inquire about their discounts for travelling students of Jane Miller:

The Maguire House Ashburnham MA

Mainfare B+B  Ashburnham, MA

The Woodbound Inn Rindge, NH


“Jane is an amazing musician. Relaxed class and she explains things in a very

understandable way. Great teacher and great sense of humor.” – L.S. Iowa

“If you run to turn up a favorite tune on the radio, you should check out Jane Miller’s heartfelt way with the guitar.  Whether she is interpreting jazz standards or her own compositions, Jane makes the case for melody awareness as the hallmark of lovely and moving play.  Her gentle frankness and accessible way of discussing technique inspired me to simply stretch on the fretboard  and trust to joy of trying.”  J.T. Vermont


“A gifted teacher can help you become aware of your own inner dialogs, shenanigans, and weavings, and help you tune into the subtle shifts that put you in the way of knowing that wild and ineffable state of grace. Jane is one of those teachers. A natural coach, Jane expects her students to perform a large part of the heavy lifting when it comes to envisioning one’s own place in the musical galaxy, and to undertaking the more grounded practicalities of getting there. She is the kindest peanut gallery you will ever meet.” C.I. Vermont










November - November 1, 2013

It was twenty years ago this month that I drove up Route 95 in Maine to pick up my first CDs in all of their boxes. "Postcard" is its name, and I've been listening lately. Who wrote that stuff? I've been enjoying the music as if it belongs to someone else. I remember fun little details about the recording, mixing, mastering, graphics, manufacturing. The music is deeper than I had remembered. I'm not sure why. I haven't exactly moved in a backwards direction, but it hasn't been a rocket blast upward or even forward, either. I've been moving musically in different directions all around what I've been doing for a long time: playing changes, writing and arranging changes, taste changes, and certainly changes in accepting what I do as my own, along with who I am. It's as if the past twenty years has been a giant editing session. I've pared down. I've grown, too, which is probably what allows me to be looking back and appreciating my younger self and her work. The guys in the band were outstanding, and they still are; all in their own ways, too. 

I hope you'll join us at the Acton Jazz Cafe on November 22 to celebrate the music from "Postcard." My new self is learning from my old self. I'll be opening the show at 7 with a solo set featuring music from my new solo guitar CD "Three Sides To A Story." No reservations needed for that early set, but I suggest making then anyway because you'll need them for the second set, which starts at 9:15 or so. Settle in for a nice dinner and stick around for the show. 

I'm looking forward to playing and seeing lots of you there.

Radio! - July 30, 2013

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your support on the occasion of the release of my new CD "Three Sides To A Story." It's available on the store page here, both as a download and as a CD. You'll also find it on and itunes and all of your other favorite download sites. My Facebook page now has a store on it, too! Check it out here and like it!
Thank you for supporting independent music; it really matters.

I'll be joining Pamela Hines on Wednesday July 31 (that's tomorrow as I write this!) on her fantastic show Jazz New England on WICN-FM, 90.5 in Worcester, MA. Check out the station at Pamela does a show in which her guests play live with her, interspersed with conversation. Sounds like a blast to me, and I can't wait. Hope you can check it out.

Next week, I'm heading to Richmond VA to perform a night of solo guitar at the Hermitage Country Club, Friday August 9. While I'm there, I'll be doing my live jamplay chat on Friday from 12-2 EDT as usual. What's jamplay? Here's a code for a free 7-day membership to give it a ride. 5617DB6B8 Over 60 guitar teachers, and now offering bass instruction. I have about 70 videos up on the site from a few visits out to their Colorado studios. You can catch me doing a live chat every Friday from 12-2 and Sunday from 4-6 Eastern Time.

It's the 20th Anniversary of the release of my first CD "Postcard." What? Yes. To celebrate, it is now available as a digital download for the first time. Find it on CDbaby, itunes, and all the rest. And here at my store and on my Facebook page, of course.

Things I'm excited about coming up: It's the Provincetown Jazz Festival August 17. I'll be playing with my good friends and trio mates Cercie Miller (sax) and David Clark (bass). The second half of the night features the impeccable guitar trio of Howard Alden, Jay Geils, and Gerry Beaudoin. More on that later.
And much more on my Central Mass CD release party coming up at the Bull Run in Shirley on August 24. It's not too soon to get tickets!

Three Sides ready for download! - June 30, 2013

Hi Friends,
Here's the link to download my new CD Three Sides To A Story. Actual CDs will be available on July 15.
Enjoy! And Thanks!

June is busting out all over - June 17, 2013

I'm a cliche. I'm sitting in my local Barnes and Noble Cafe writing my book. It's raining as hard as I've ever seen rain rain. I was thinking that it's about time to head back home and check in with Betty the dog. The parking lot is a lake and the flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder are keeping me in my window seat for now. It's a good show. So here's something new: Gayla Drake Paul from Premier Guitar Magazine had this to say about my new CD: Thanks, Gayla! Digital downloads from cdbaby should be available in a couple of days, June 19thish. Physical CDs will follow by the end of the month. So many people have been helping me through this process, most notably Emily Joy Ashman and Lauren Passarelli, photos and design, and engineering, respectively. I'm going around wearing a gratitude necklace lately, which by the way, was made by Natalia Zuckerman out of recycled guitar wood. Check out her etsy page.
I am honored to be participating in a round table discussion this Sunday, June 23 from 2-3:30pm at New England Conservatory. It is Boston Guitar Fest weekend, directed by Eliot Fiske, and I am thrilled to have been invited.
This Thursday, June 20th, I'll be doing my first stageit show at 8pm. is a very cool site where so many wonderful artists play concerts from their homes, backstages, backyards, you name it. Come on aboard and grab a ticket soon! I'll be playing from home with my dog nearby. Lots of music from the new CD, of course. You can request songs from other CDs, and the highest tipper gets a free signed copy of "Three Sides To A Story."
I'll be at the Bull Run in Shirley, MA on June 29th. I'll have CDs on hand to celebrate, so come on by if you're in New England. It's a nice room with beautiful people making you feel comfortable and serving you delicious food.
Let's not forget the wonderful Picasso Restaurant to the west. I'll be there June 27 playing solo guitar, and maybe the CDs will be there, too, but that's pushing it.
Back to writing my book. It's called "Play Your Guitar: A Plain Talk Guide to Being a Better Guitar Player." Give it a few months, but then keep an eye out for it, please!

new CD mixes just about done - April 13, 2013

I've been finishing up my new solo CD, called "Three Sides To a Story" with Lauren Passarelli engineering, mixing, and cheerleading. We're about ready to master this thing and get it off to press. I'm excited about it, since it's my first time going completely solo. For those of you interested enough to be checking out my website, then here's a peek at the song list:

1. Gift
2. Happy
3. Pretty Ballerina (The Left Banke)
4. Davy (Janis Ian)
5. Funny Monkey
6. Our Love is Here to Stay (Gershwin)
7. Sunday
8. Three Sides to a Story
9. Gratitude
10. Nardis (Miles Davis)
11. Here's That Rainy Day (Van Husen)
12. The Summer Knows (Legrand)
13. Quechee
14. Same Tie, Different Shirt
15. Regift

I had a great time with Emily Joy Ashman and Amy Ashman doing the photo shoot in a beautiful remote location. I think we're all going to like the design of this one. Stay tuned! And please "like" my facebook page for more immediate updates.
Thanks for your support.

New Book by Scott Yanow - April 13, 2013

Just got my copy of The Great Jazz Guitarists: The Ultimate Guide by Scott Yanow. I've enjoyed Scott's writing for many years; that's reason enough to be so honored to be included in this book. But to be included among so many guitarists whom I've admired, listened to, and learned from all my life has me feeling humbly grateful. Thank you, Scott.

New Solo Guitar recording - December 4, 2012

I'm excited to announce that my first solo guitar recording will get underway December 14 at the studio of my friend Rob Roy. It's a nice quiet little town in New Hampshire to work on this music together. I've been arranging some standards, old pop tunes, and some of my own compositions. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I hope you know that my group's first three CDs are still available on my music page, with thanks to the great people at CD Baby.

Guitar things - April 13, 2012

I've encountered the world of drop-D tuning and it's fun. Oh, sure, I had tried it before, but now I think I get it more. I can be musical with it rather than hyper aware of it or a little afraid of it. And the Martin Acoustic sounds and feels amazing singing that low note.

I added some new links to my link page, which made me see how long overdue that was. Some nice and generous people have helped me over the past year or two, and their websites tell their great stories.

I am playing with a quartet accompanying singer Christine Eubanks on April 21 at the Fitchburg Art Museum. The event runs from 7-10pm and it's a benefit for a youth center in the Cleghorn section of Fitchburg. I'm all for helping to provide a much needed place for kids to hang out and spend some safe and creative time. Playing with me will be Jim Heffernan on piano (I haven't seen him in far too long and I can't wait to play music together again), Bob Simonelli on bass and Don Kirby on drums. I'm so grateful to them for joining in on this show.

On May 5th, I'll be doing a concert at the Preservation Hall in Wellfleet, MA. Show starts at 7pm. Bart Weisman is the drummer, and Laird Boles is on bass. These two play together a lot and are the top shelf jazz musicians on Cape Cod. I'll be calling some of my favorite standards to play in arrangements you haven't heard yet, along with some of my compositions from my recordings, and some new ones that you haven't heard yet. I am hoping to see lots of Cape Codders there, and lots of other folks who want to visit the Cape for the weekend. It'll be fun. Check out the hall:
I have two different facebook pages. I would especially like it if you like my music page, linked here:
but you're welcome to go ahead and be my friend on my other page, too:
Here's to peaceful resolutions, live music, recorded music, and hydrated runners in the Boston Marathon this Monday, where it will be in the mid-80s. Go Red Sox!
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