1. Amigo

From the recording Amigo

from the cd "Secret Pockets." i once wrote a funk tune called "short fuse." one day, i played around with the chord changes, slowed them way down, made it a bossa nova, and wrote a new melody, which became this one. it is named for a dog friend i had that used to come greet me when i would walk by his house. i didn't know his name for a long time, so i just started calling him "amigo." later, i found out his name was teddy, but he was always my amigo. jay ashby and i got stuck in serious traffic on the nj turnpike on our way to record his part. that gave us lots of time to talk about the subtleties; he wanted me to sing it to him as i heard it. he played it just like that, in fact, but with that warm wonderful tone that has become his signature. and bill o'connell made a masterpiece out of his part. i couldn't have been luckier to have them on board for this one.