1. Secret Pockets

From the recording Secret Pockets

from the cd, "Secret Pockets." i was intrigued with voicings on the piano, trying to stretch from the usual patterns of chords that my fingers found too easily. i made hybrids, different bass notes, and moved them around, while keeping an ear out for a melody. that's how the intro happened; the rest of the tune actually just spilled out from there. how do you get from a solo piano intro to a great big full band entrance? just go. bill o'connell on piano played it beautifully and revealed things about the intro that i had not yet seen or heard. i thought i wanted it played more straight, exactly like the written part, but bill's little embellishments and sense of flow to it gave it a special charm and depth to me. and bob and don, on bass and drums, forget about it. bob calls it a swunk groove. somewhere between funk and swing. i call them brilliant groove masters.