acton jazz

the mcm trio will be at the acton jazz cafe on september 15th. we're doing the early show; it's a perfect time for dinner and jazz with us. later that night, myanna will be there with her group, which is an excellent jazz/r+b group. mcm (cercie miller on sax, david clark on bass, and me on guitars) has not played in acton in quite some time, so we're really looking forward to being there again. it's a feel good gig. lots of excellent listeners. we love that. also, yes, cercie and myanna were the two sax players in "girls night out" for you trivia buffs, so what a fun night all around. i've played with myanna a bunch, too, and she is a very special real deal great player. i think you'll want to make a night of it. see you there.

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