Canoe Ride

Earth Day has come and gone, but my family and I are still marveling at the lake, the grass, the great blue heron and the rocks poking up from the water, the sticks in the yard carefully selected by my dog Betty to display, and the good luck that is ours for being privy to it all. The May issue of Premier Guitar Magazine is out now. You can have a peek on-line and browse through the many terrific articles by clicking below: My Jazz Box column for this month is called Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I hope you'll find something useful to play and think about in there. I had a great time playing music with Chet Williamson last night. We have dates lined up through the summer, so please stay in touch here or "like" me on Facebook. There will be some dates with Doug Lowe, also. Keep looking for-- and maybe even pestering me about--news of my next recording, which will be a solo guitar effort. Oh, and ask me how my book's coming along, too. Thanks for stopping by.

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