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Twenty years ago this month, I picked up boxes of my group's first CD, "Postcard." We had recorded it over the summer of 1993 at Ken LaRoche's studio in Peterborough, NH. This Summer, 2013, I released my first solo CD, "Three Sides To A Story." Let's celebrate!
On Friday November 22, my group will be at the Acton Jazz Cafe playing just about every song from "Postcard," and probably a few others from our other two CDs. I'll be opening the show doing a solo set of music from "Three Sides To a Story." Reservations are encouraged. Here's the link:http://www.actonjazzcafe.com 
 I'll be thinking of my friend Ken, who engineered and co-produced Postcard with me. We had such a fun, silly, serious, and creative time working on Postcard. Ken booked one of my very first gigs, and I knew he was the right guy to call upon for my first recording. I especially remember percussion days, when we would really soar. We started hitting anything that made a cool sound; when I started tapping on his flute case with a drum stick, I had crossed the line of acceptability. I didn't know that's what it was, honest. And really, we giggled like crazy about it. I am counting on Ken's spirit to be in attendance in Acton as I will also be celebrating his life with wonderful memories.
The group is in fine form, and I am still grateful for the gift of their musical contributions and respect for the music. Don Kirby, Bob Simonelli, and Tim Ray: thank you my friends. Our guests who joined us in the studio were a dream team: Cercie Miller, Patty Larkin, Mili Bermejo, and Mick Goodrick, thank you all so much for just the right touches.
Our friend Joey Mazarella will be taking over the piano chair with us in Acton. We're in good hands. Please join us and say hello as we look back and ahead. 



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