dim the lights

i got to play with my old pal chet williamson last friday night. he is a jazz and blues and anything style harmonica player. it's like working with a horn player. they don't come better than chet. hopefully, we'll have more gigs to tell you about soon, but for now, i was filling in for our friend steve cancelli (amazing guitar player). you can catch the two of them every friday night at val's in holden, ma. nice place, nice owner, nice music. chet is an encyclopedia of american music history and is just an absolute blast to work with. he is also editor and writer at worcester magazine. we know each other from doing radio in worcester, where he was my mentor and we spun the platters and hosted concerts and had all kinds of fun. i have a piece in the next issue of acoustic guitar magazine. it's the july issue, out at the end of may. they wanted a story about diminished chords, so if you want to read a story about diminished chords, check it out. there's a new song for the lesson in there, too, which can be heard on their on-line magazine site once the print mag is released. it's called "dim the lights." http://www.acousticguitar.com many more stories to come for acoustic guitar mag, so keep an eye out. my dog, betty, is quite a story teller, too. she's in the middle of a forensic investigation of some crow feathers on the hill. and some bread under the neighbor's house. and the leaves that maybe a deer or something like that must have brushed by this morning, or was it last night. and that stick over there. and and and...

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