my dog betty and i set out on our morning walk today and, since i reached the top of the hill first, i was the first and only one of us to see the red fox hanging out below in the field. i decided it would be best if we stayed around at the top of the hill for awhile this morning. improvising over changes, you see. we settled in on the lawn which is not a bad way to spend a july morning anyway, and betty had her nose engaged the whole time. there's just no fooling that kid. now she's snoozing in the big chair next to my desk, which i thought was going to be my chair, but i was wrong; it's clearly betty's. soon we'll head back out, maybe on the same path, maybe a slightly different one. i read up on red foxes and they're not so bad. you just have to have breakfast and a nap and some hot water in a mug and decide that it's ok to be a little bit sleepy on a low pressure almost rainy day and use a pick instead of playing fingerstyle and listen for what the piano player does and enter the measure in a different place and start out at a different time and respond to a few unexpected bits of news and respond to a happy situation and maintain and adjust and see that those four bars are way over with and betty forgot all about it and we'll go back out later.

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