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I've encountered the world of drop-D tuning and it's fun. Oh, sure, I had tried it before, but now I think I get it more. I can be musical with it rather than hyper aware of it or a little afraid of it. And the Martin Acoustic sounds and feels amazing singing that low note. I added some new links to my link page, which made me see how long overdue that was. Some nice and generous people have helped me over the past year or two, and their websites tell their great stories. I am playing with a quartet accompanying singer Christine Eubanks on April 21 at the Fitchburg Art Museum. The event runs from 7-10pm and it's a benefit for a youth center in the Cleghorn section of Fitchburg. I'm all for helping to provide a much needed place for kids to hang out and spend some safe and creative time. Playing with me will be Jim Heffernan on piano (I haven't seen him in far too long and I can't wait to play music together again), Bob Simonelli on bass and Don Kirby on drums. I'm so grateful to them for joining in on this show. On May 5th, I'll be doing a concert at the Preservation Hall in Wellfleet, MA. Show starts at 7pm. Bart Weisman is the drummer, and Laird Boles is on bass. These two play together a lot and are the top shelf jazz musicians on Cape Cod. I'll be calling some of my favorite standards to play in arrangements you haven't heard yet, along with some of my compositions from my recordings, and some new ones that you haven't heard yet. I am hoping to see lots of Cape Codders there, and lots of other folks who want to visit the Cape for the weekend. It'll be fun. Check out the hall: I have two different facebook pages. I would especially like it if you like my music page, linked here: but you're welcome to go ahead and be my friend on my other page, too: Here's to peaceful resolutions, live music, recorded music, and hydrated runners in the Boston Marathon this Monday, where it will be in the mid-80s. Go Red Sox!

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