gwenn and the acton jazz cafe

my friend gwenn mentioned something about the tax people freezing her accounts when i saw her last weekend in the midst of a packed saturday night house taking in the group "no static," the incredible steely dan tribute band. she's been through plenty to keep the jazz cafe going for 11 years now, so i trusted her sense of calm and casualness about it to mean that this was no different and she would fix it and continue. on wednesday, we all got word that that's not how it is. since gwenn is inseperable from the cafe in just about every sense, my first reaction was to make sure that she and her two terrific daughters would be ok for now. since then, remarkably, there have been some signs of hope that it might not be over forever for the cafe. to explain all of this better than i can, here's what pianist, friday- night-booker, and friend to gwenn and us all, molly flannery wrote to the community of caring musicans: Dear Friends, As you all know, the Acton Jazz Café has closed its doors. Currently, the Café’s Liquor License has been revoked and all funds associated with the Café have been frozen by the Department of Revenue. Many of you are asking what can I do to help. Gwenn just emailed me, "The response that I have received has been so overwhelming that I now believe that we have the strength to win this one. An awful lot of people care an awful lot about me, this beautiful place, and the music. There is an army. We can mobilize." To me the Cafe is almost like a church (too bad it doesn't have the same tax exempt status....) because of the wonderful sense of community and love that flowers there. I think I see more hugging there than anywhere. And then of course there's the incredible music thanks to the richness of the greater Boston community -- placing the club in Downbeat Magazine's "100 great jazz clubs in the world" selection. And there's the amazing Gwenn who works around the clock to make it happen. The place is a treasure. So, Phil Argyris and I have established a trust fund for Gwenn and the Acton Jazz Café, called the Gwenn Vivian Support Trust created at the Middlesex Savings Bank in Littleton, MA: Middlesex Savings Bank ATTN: Gwenn Vivian Support Trust P.O. Box 954 Littleton, MA 01460 Checks can be made out to the Gwenn Vivian Support Trust and can be sent to the above noted address. thanks, molly, for letting me copy that here. plans are beginning to solidify for a benefit concert weekend on January 25, 26, and 27. at the moment, it looks like my good friend cercie miller and i will be playing a duo set on friday night. at various times in my life, i've said: if not for cercie, i wouldn't be working. and: if not for gwenn, i wouldn't be working. these two people mean a whole lot to me. let's see what we can do, ok?

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