Happy Spring

Hi Friends,

Here in New England, we have had to earn warm weather this year. We are now beginning to see and feel signs of Spring and so there is hope. 

I want to let you all know about a show coming up at the Bull Run in Shirley, MA. On April 13, it's An Evening With Larry Carlton.  


He is one of a very small list of guitar players who is instantly recognizable. I attended his show a couple of years ago in Natick, MA and it was a powerful experience. His music is fun, energized, relaxed, moving. All of that. His trio was wonderful, rocking some jazz, jazzing some blues (impeccable lines from Larry that I'll never forget), and in general having a great time making authentic music right there before our eyes. I've been a fan of Larry Carlton's playing on recordings for many years, including my formative years as a composer listening to Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell recordings, among others. Catching his trio live is spellbinding. 

I am happy to be opening the show on April 13 with a solo guitar set. It's an honor to play my music for Larry's audience in a beautiful place. Happy Spring, indeed. 

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