Home from Nashville

I was at the Chicago Midway Airport Sunday night thinking about my song "Home from Chicago." I'd like to spend more time in Chicago someday, but it is very nice to be home for now. I had an absolute blast at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. I started smiling as soon as I got off the plane and kept it up all weekend. As I had imagined, my new and old friends-- and "virtual friends"-- all came through with great show-and-tell stories and wonderful visits. The instruments were fantastic, and the vibe was friendly all around. An unexpected treat was getting to the Muriel Anderson All-Star Guitar night show. (Thank you, Rick Shubb!) Muriel, Stephen Bennett, Andy Wahlberg, Doyle Dykes, just to name a few off the top of my head. Then came a tribute to James Burton. So great to see him there and to hear him play. He was introduced by surprise guest Emmylou Harris. She then invited another surprise guest to sing a duet with her that she and James recorded on her first album; out onto the stage came Vince Gill. Other standouts were Brent Mason, Joe Dalton, Seymour Duncan, Victor Wooten joining in on bass; what a fun night. Speaking of Victor Wooten, I attended a clinic that he did back at the NAMM show. His book, The Music Lesson, and his playing and teaching style are all inspiring and fun to take in. It was very nice to see some friends from Premier Guitar Magazine there. "The Andy" from Benedetto Guitars is amazing, and I had fun hanging out at the booth with Howard Paul. Chris Thomas is always a joy and the Martin Guitars are continuing to live up to their long-lived reputation. Thanks to Chris for getting me to NAMM this year. The UBass is a Ukulele Bass that you have to try and hear to believe. Great little instruments. Tom Stadler from Tennessee is making some beautiful archtop jazz guitars. I was very moved by his instruments and his stories about them. What a nice guy. Someday... Lots of fun with Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitars, Randall from Kyser Capos, the folks at D'Addario and Planet Waves, and on and on. Thank you all. Now back to life at the lake: writing, teaching, playing, and swimming with a big yellow dog. Oh, and mowing the lawn.

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