June is busting out all over

I'm a cliche. I'm sitting in my local Barnes and Noble Cafe writing my book. It's raining as hard as I've ever seen rain rain. I was thinking that it's about time to head back home and check in with Betty the dog. The parking lot is a lake and the flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder are keeping me in my window seat for now. It's a good show. So here's something new: Gayla Drake Paul from Premier Guitar Magazine had this to say about my new CD: http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2013/Jul/Album_Review_Jane_Miller_Three_Sides_to_a_Story.aspx Thanks, Gayla! Digital downloads from cdbaby should be available in a couple of days, June 19thish. Physical CDs will follow by the end of the month. So many people have been helping me through this process, most notably Emily Joy Ashman and Lauren Passarelli, photos and design, and engineering, respectively. I'm going around wearing a gratitude necklace lately, which by the way, was made by Natalia Zuckerman out of recycled guitar wood. Check out her etsy page. I am honored to be participating in a round table discussion this Sunday, June 23 from 2-3:30pm at New England Conservatory. It is Boston Guitar Fest weekend, directed by Eliot Fiske, and I am thrilled to have been invited. This Thursday, June 20th, I'll be doing my first stageit show at 8pm. Stageit.com is a very cool site where so many wonderful artists play concerts from their homes, backstages, backyards, you name it. Come on aboard and grab a ticket soon! I'll be playing from home with my dog nearby. Lots of music from the new CD, of course. You can request songs from other CDs, and the highest tipper gets a free signed copy of "Three Sides To A Story." I'll be at the Bull Run in Shirley, MA on June 29th. I'll have CDs on hand to celebrate, so come on by if you're in New England. It's a nice room with beautiful people making you feel comfortable and serving you delicious food. Let's not forget the wonderful Picasso Restaurant to the west. I'll be there June 27 playing solo guitar, and maybe the CDs will be there, too, but that's pushing it. Back to writing my book. It's called "Play Your Guitar: A Plain Talk Guide to Being a Better Guitar Player." Give it a few months, but then keep an eye out for it, please!

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