Late Summer trip

Well, it all started when Eric Skye and I said we should do some playing together because it's fun. It turns out, we both meant it enough to make it happen! Eric and his family are opening their house to me (and you, if you want to go!) for a house concert on August 27, 2016. I'll do some solo tunes, we'll play together, and I'll bet i can get Eric to play solo a bit, too. I'm so grateful to the Skye family and Eric for this wonderful and generous opportunity.

I figured, while I was in the area, I'd like to visit Seattle, so I'm stopping in the jam session on August 25 at El Norte Lounge, 7pm.

I also thought maybe I should visit the bay area again while I'm almost nearby but not quite. So I'm playing at a house concert in San Francisco on August 28. More info on these to follow. Thanks to the fabulous T Lin for setting this one up for me.

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