happy new year. happy new decade. if you need to resolve things, or if you resolve to make resolutions, or if you resolve to not make resolutions, or if you just like to play guitar, here's a fun link for you: i have been having fun writing The Jazz Box column for Premier Guitar magazine this year. i am grateful for the patch of snow that saved my car and 1/2 of the residents of my house from going over a small cliff after sliding out of control on our icy street the other day. i am grateful that my friend jane gets to rest all week and heal and be well. i am glad to have a new lesson coming in the spring in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. i am still having fun being a musician and setting up a new little demo recording space in my house. i am grateful that my dog came back safely after disappearing on us for a bit longer than we were comfortable with. i am glad to still be enjoying teaching and lucky and happy to have a great teaching gig. i am most grateful today for the many layers of warm clothing i have to put on before venturing out to play with the dog. i am looking forward to seeing you at gigs this coming year or hearing from you on these pages or through magazine reader mail or facebook or in the classroom or studio. wherever we may find each other, i wish you peace and health and joy.

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