Old Charts, New Charts

Rearranging space being the ongoing project that it is, I came upon some forgotten charts for my group the other day and chose a few to revisit. I highly recommend doing that! I am now on an arranging and composing kick. New music is gushing out of me; new ideas for old tunes are, well, dribbling out, but still. Chet Williamson and I are still playing pretty regularly at Picasso in Barre, MA. Next gig for us there is September 8. I have been swimming swimming swimming boating swimming swimming swimming. Boating. Betty (the dog) fans will be glad to know that she has had a wonderful summer, too. She has been swimming swimming boating walking running. Boating. And barking ferociously at the watering can which blew off of the deck in the wind and ended up in the front yard where it didn't belong. It's great to have a best friend looking out for my safety that way. If you're thinking of going to Provincetown, MA for Women's Week in October, I'll be playing in Hyannis on October 15, which is the Saturday at the end of Women's Week. I hope you'll make the short trip through the Cape to hear the trio: Bart Weisman on drums and Ron Ormsby on bass at the Cape Codder resort. Details later. It's still summer. Enjoy. Please email me through my contact page here or "like" my music page on Facebook if you have any musical ideas you would like me to explore during jamplay chats (Fridays 12-2pm at jamplay.com/card 5617DB6B8) or for future Acoustic Guitar Mag lessons. I always appreciate the good feedback from my columns and lessons. Shout-outs welcome on the Guestbook page, too! Time to indulge in my night owl routine of practicing and writing and relearning some of my old material. Any requests?

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