puzzle answer

wo, i really left you hanging for awhile on this one. didn't mean to, you know. here are some names for that chord i was writing about last may, for you guitar players: E-7 (11) A9sus4 G6/9 D6/9 (sus4) Cmaj9(13) Fma9(#11,13) B-7#5(11) some you might love, some you might never use. it's just nice to have some options. my trio will be playing at a concert for peace in worcester, ma on july 15th. check the calendar page for specifics. my good friend sonia and disappear fear will be there, too. so will kim and reggie harris, whom you must hear and see. they are wonderful. i'm working on another piece for the mel bay e zine "guitar sessions." it's for their "tales from the road" column, and it should be in the july issue. this one is tearing me up emotionally, but i hope you'll think it's a good story. little betty wants to be supreme ruler of the universe, but i told her i already have that job, so she can just carry sticks. two control freaks trying to live together. sheesh. hope to see you in july. peace.

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