social studies

when fran lebowitz' book by that name came out in the early 80s, she was prompted during an interview with a boston tv news anchor: "and it is the sudy of..." "social," was, of course,her response. it's remarkable to think of just how many social skills most of us have together. i mean, i can pretty much get through a gig without too many three stooges moments. that gets a bit more challenging when i'm with bob and don, but still. now that i have a four month old puppy, i can see where zero is. betty is beyond that, but closer to that end of the scale than, say, i am. for example, here's what went into her mouth today on a routine trip to the lake: a piece of old fish skin with scales, an unidentified kid's sponge football, my wrist, sand, pine cones, dog (or was it cat) poop with a side of pine needles, water and treats given by me in an attempt to flush out the previous stuff, a pine cone, a plastic lid, a frisbee for about one second, pop corn, seconds on the poop with pine needles, and more water and treats with disapproving looks from me. on the other hand, she very skillfully socialized with a couple of people, including a woman who just thought she was the sweetest most well behaved calm puppy as betty sat up close snuggling against her legs and looking up angelically at her. this was immediately following her second helping of...well, let's move on. i am tinkering with some new arrangement ideas, and betty is peaceful while i practice guitar. that's a blessing. she is sleeping off the day right now under my chair, now and then moaning and stretching, and i wonder just how long it will be before she comes to the full realization that she shouldn't have eaten that. who hasn't had that feeling after a summer holiday party. hope you can join bob and don and me at the heaing light institute concert for peace on july 15. full details in the calendar section of this site. also, i hope you'll have a chance to read the tales from the road story on the mel bay web site. click on tales from the road. please feel free to sign the guestbook here and let us all know how you're doing and what else we could be bringing to you on this site. see you in a couple of weeks.

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