It has been extra warm here in New England. Everything is ahead of schedule: ice out on the lake, mud season, jacket-less walks with the dog, canoe rides, swimming (well, the dog...) and windows open, pellet stove off. One thing that I can't say is ahead of schedule, but that is happening at long last, is my solo guitar recording. It's only the beginning, but to begin is the hardest part, so the rest should be smooth sailing and fun. It's good to be back at work on a new project. I'm working it in around my schedule, my dog Betty's schedule, and whatever snags show up in the recording process. I'm reminded of the Isley Brothers: "Iii-iiiiiii-ii've got work to doooo-ooo. I've got work to do. I've got a giiiii-iig." I'm looking forward to playing with drummer Bart Weisman again, this time in Wellfleet, MA at Preservation Hall on May 5th, with Laird Boles on bass. It's a wonderful venue, and a wonderful time of year to be seeing my friends on Cape Cod. Hope you can join us. Meanwhile, be well and happy and true.

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