there is water right outside my window. there is water right across the dirt path. there is water over there in the woods. there is water next to the dirt road. there is a small canoe leaning up against the shed. there is a bigger canoe leaning up on the deck. there is a rubber raft hanging on the back of the deck. there is a scull boat stretched out along the edge of the deck. there are paddles and oars inside of the shed, separated from their boats. there is an eager water lover sitting here typing. the ice was fun for awhile, but jeeeeeez. look for a new acoustic guitar magazine lesson/article coming out in a couple of weeks. all about guide tones. i'm recording new examples and a song to go with the on-line version of the lesson. also, look for news about a column in premiere guitar magazine in which you can read my philosophies, ideas, lesson ideas, and more every other month starting early this summer. this is to say, of course, that i get to look at the many brooks and streams and swamps and the lake and write about guitars and music and then hop into a canoe and then come back and write some more and then play and then record and then look at the water some more. it's a very lucky life i lead. i get to balance it out by being in boston to teach three days each week and that's a very lucky thing, too. this is not news, of course, but it's just what's right in front of me. news would be like, say, i am playing with chet williamson on april 24 at val's in holden ma from 6-9. chet is a jazz harmonica player of the highest order and a wonderful old friend of mine. happy spring in new england, happy musical adventures wherever you are.

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