i usually remember to prepare my students for what feels like seconds between the time we come back from thanksgiving break until the end of the semester. the thing is, i'm just as surprised as everyone else every year anyway. so now there is snow in my yard, holiday decorations and christmas music all over the place, a silly dog catching snow flakes and zooming around while i scrape off the car and send snowballs in her direction,hot chocolate, and well, you get the picture. let's see, cold, boots, hats, gloves, christmas music; oh, right...it's time for mark marquis' annual christmas show this coming weekend. the 20th annual,no less. this will be my 18th year playing with the gang (i missed the first 2, but i think he will still give me pizza at the after party anyway). check the calendar page for details. highly recommended to put you in good spirits and to help children in need of some christmas toys. see you there.

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