the snow has made playing in the yard extra fun and challenging. it's fun to look out later and see all of the footprints and pawprints all over the place as we warm up by the fire. i'll be playing with my friend chet williamson this thursday night at picassos's, which is a wonderful little restaurant in barre, ma. then friday and saturday night, it's back for another year of christmas music and celebration with mark marquis and friends at the unitarian church in downtown leominster,ma. for those of you cd shopping, i have added my three cds to the bargain bin at which means you can buy any three cds in the bin (there are a lot to choose from) and pay just 5 bucks each. also, i have lowered the price on each of my individual cds if you just want to buy one at a time instead. the 5 dollar sale (of my cds, anyway) will last until the end of the holiday season, which i figure, is my birthday. the epiphany. the 12th day of christmas. little christmas. ok, january 6. as always, check out premier guitar magazine for my monthly column called "the jazz box." future alert: work is underway for a new lesson in acoustic guitar magazine for a spring issue. enjoy the season and best wishes to all.

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