it's harvest time around here. there's an inviting and warm smell of wood fires in the air now and then around the neighborhood. there are morning walks with my dog which gradually have involved a couple of extra steps before getting out the door; let me just grab that jacket. in acoustic guitar magazine, there's a column called "the woodshed" in which contributing writers share some lessons with players looking for some challenging new practice material to start a new climb. the november issue is out and this month's woodshed is a story and some musical examples from me about playing fingerstyle in the tradition of american folk music and seeing that through to playing some bossa nova. the on-line version of the magazine will have recorded examples of the written examples as they appear in the article. i just love those guys at acoustic guitar mag and i hope you'll get a chance to check it out if you're interested. much more later-long overdue stories of vibrational healing and the betar and my aching knee and the pretty yellow dog and playing and writing and writing and playing and teaching teaching teaching. there, maybe i did just tell the story. nah-there'll be more later. 'til next time,stay safe, have an apple, watch the peanuts great pumpkin special again and again, and listen to fun music. jane

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